{ "paginationInfo": { "numberOfItemsPerPage": "12", "pageNumber": "2", "pages": "4" }, "contentInfo": [ { "image": { "src": "http://images.goodfood.com.au/2019/05/10/9033954/2019-05-09T221009Z_3_LOP000KZC8W33_RTRMADP_BASEIMAGE-960X540_USA-TRADE-CHINA-92x52.jpg", "width": "92", "height": "52", "alt": "President Donald Trump applied more pressure ahead of make-or-break trade talks with China, saying he has authorized new or higher tariffs on $325 billion of Chinese imports. Conway G. Gittens reports." }, "asset": { "headline": "US and China in make-or-break trade talks", "id": "9033953", "url": "http://media.goodfood.com.au/business/businessday/us-and-china-in-makeorbreak-trade-talks-9033953.html", "time": "00:00" } } , { "image": { "src": "http://images.goodfood.com.au/2019/05/10/9033951/2019-05-10T000056Z_1_LOP000KZC93LB_RTRMADP_BASEIMAGE-960X540_SPACE-EXPLORATION-BEZOS-92x52.jpg", "width": "92", "height": "52", "alt": "Billionaire entrepreneur Jeff Bezos, founder of rocket company Blue Origin, unveiled on Thursday (May 9) a mockup of a lunar lander spacecraft and discussed missions to the moon in a strategy tailored to the U.S. government's renewed push to establish a lunar outpost in just five years. Jonah Green has more." }, "asset": { "headline": "Jeff Bezos unveils moon lander mockup", "id": "9033950", "url": "http://media.goodfood.com.au/news/world-news/jeff-bezos-unveils-moon-lander-mockup-9033950.html", "time": "00:00" } } , { "image": { "src": "http://images.goodfood.com.au/2019/05/09/9032705/2019-05-08T192416Z_2_LOP000KZ9QRU7_RTRMADP_BASEIMAGE-960X540_USA-TRUMP-TAXES-92x52.jpg", "width": "92", "height": "52", "alt": "U.S. President Donald Trump's businesses lost a total of more than $1 billion from 1985 to 1994, according to the New York Times, which said it obtained printouts from Trump's official Internal Revenue Service tax transcripts. Ryan Brooks reports." }, "asset": { "headline": "Trump's tax data show $1b in losses over decade", "id": "9032704", "url": "http://media.goodfood.com.au/business/businessday/trumps-tax-data-show-1b-in-losses-over-decade-9032704.html", "time": "00:00" } } , { "image": { "src": "http://images.goodfood.com.au/2019/05/09/9032702/2019-05-08T204842Z_1_LOP000KZ9O5S5_RTRMADP_BASEIMAGE-960X540_USA-STOCKS-CLOSE-92x52.jpg", "width": "92", "height": "52", "alt": "The S%26P 500 fell Wednesday for the third day in a row. As Fred Katayama reports, investors remained cautious about the latest developments on U.S.-China trade talks, and Intel shares slid." }, "asset": { "headline": "Wall Street falls as investors cautious on trade", "id": "9032701", "url": "http://media.goodfood.com.au/business/businessday/wall-street-falls-as-investors-cautious-on-trade-9032701.html", "time": "00:00" } } , { "image": { "src": "http://images.goodfood.com.au/2019/05/07/9031009/vd-cash-in-hand-92x52.jpg", "width": "92", "height": "52", "alt": "Interest rates on hold (Video Thumbnail)" }, "asset": { "headline": "Interest rates on hold", "id": "9031008", "url": "http://media.goodfood.com.au/news/federal-politics/interest-rates-on-hold-9031008.html", "time": "00:00" } } , { "image": { "src": "http://images.goodfood.com.au/2019/05/07/9030799/vd-wall-st-92x52.jpg", "width": "92", "height": "52", "alt": "Wall Street ends lower after Trump tariff threat (Video Thumbnail)" }, "asset": { "headline": "Wall Street ends lower after Trump tariff threat", "id": "9030798", "url": "http://media.goodfood.com.au/news/world-news/wall-street-ends-lower-after-trump-tariff-threat-9030798.html", "time": "00:00" } } , { "image": { "src": "http://images.goodfood.com.au/2019/05/07/9030701/2019-05-06T144635Z_1_LOP000KZ4R5GV_RTRMADP_BASEIMAGE-960X540_USA-TRADE-CHINA-92x52.jpg", "width": "92", "height": "52", "alt": "U.S. stocks slumped on Monday after President Donald Trump shocked investors by threatening to hike tariffs on Chinese goods this week. Yahaira Jacquez reports." }, "asset": { "headline": "Global stocks rattled by Trump trade threat", "id": "9030700", "url": "http://media.goodfood.com.au/business/businessday/global-stocks-rattled-by-trump-trade-threat-9030700.html", "time": "00:00" } } , { "image": { "src": "http://images.goodfood.com.au/2019/05/06/9029519/2019-05-05T204552Z_1_LOP000KZ296P1_RTRMADP_BASEIMAGE-960X540_USA-TRADE-CHINA-92x52.jpg", "width": "92", "height": "52", "alt": "U.S. President Donald Trump on Sunday dramatically increased pressure on China to reach a long-sought trade deal by announcing he will markedly increase U.S. tariffs on certain Chinese goods. Tamara Lindstrom reports." }, "asset": { "headline": "Trump threatens higher US tariffs on China", "id": "9029518", "url": "http://media.goodfood.com.au/business/businessday/trump-threatens-higher-us-tariffs-on-china-9029518.html", "time": "00:00" } } , { "image": { "src": "http://images.goodfood.com.au/2019/04/03/8997952/ig-169-92x52.jpg", "width": "92", "height": "52", "alt": "Bond market rally creates confusion ahead of bid data week (Video Thumbnail)" }, "asset": { "headline": "Australian earnings season rolls on; the RBA a major focus", "id": "9027336", "url": "http://media.goodfood.com.au/business/businessday/australian-earnings-season-rolls-on-the-rba-a-major-focus-9027336.html", "time": "00:00" } } , { "image": { "src": "http://images.goodfood.com.au/2019/05/03/9027045/2019-05-02T225957Z_2_LOP000KYURPL1_RTRMADP_BASEIMAGE-960X540_FACEBOOK-BAN-92x52.jpg", "width": "92", "height": "52", "alt": "Under mounting pressure to get hate speech off its platform, Facebook on Thursday said it booted off half a dozen controversial personalities, including Alex Jones and InfoWars, and Milo Yiannopoulos from Instagram and Facebook after deeming them quote \"dangerous\" under its policy. Jane Lanhee Lee reports." }, "asset": { "headline": "Facebook bans controversial personalities", "id": "9027044", "url": "http://media.goodfood.com.au/business/businessday/facebook-bans-controversial-personalities-9027044.html", "time": "00:00" } } , { "image": { "src": "http://images.goodfood.com.au/2019/05/02/9025838/2019-05-01T110318Z_1_LOP000KYS5RGL_RTRMADP_BASEIMAGE-960X540_GLOBAL-OIL-92x52.jpg", "width": "92", "height": "52", "alt": "Oil prices fall on a report showing a rise in U.S. crude inventories, but markets remain tense amid the political crisis in Venezuela, tightening U.S. sanctions on Iran, and ongoing OPEC supply cuts. As Edward Baran reports, a Reuters survey shows prices are likely to stay buoyant this year." }, "asset": { "headline": "Oil falls on swelling US stockpiles, but global markets tense", "id": "9025837", "url": "http://media.goodfood.com.au/business/businessday/oil-falls-on-swelling-us-stockpiles-but-global-markets-tense-9025837.html", "time": "00:00" } } , { "image": { "src": "http://images.goodfood.com.au/2019/05/02/9025834/2019-05-01T184547Z_1_LOP000KYS9R91_RTRMADP_BASEIMAGE-960X540_BRITAIN-POLITICS-WILLIAMSON-92x52.jpg", "width": "92", "height": "52", "alt": "British Prime Minister Theresa May fired defense minister Gavin Williamson on Wednesday over the leak of information about Chinese telecoms company Huawei. Francesca Lynagh reports." }, "asset": { "headline": "UK defence minister fired over Huawei leak", "id": "9025833", "url": "http://media.goodfood.com.au/news/world-news/uk-defence-minister-fired-over-huawei-leak-9025833.html", "time": "00:00" } } ] }